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Monday, September 29, 2008

today was a good day, even though i had to get to school super early. reminds me of the summer school days. nkechi pointed out to me that you-know-who was standing right next to me but i had absolutely no idea what she was talking about so i ignored it.
i'm starting to forget what he looks like! so i'm not too worried about getting tangled. it's much too complicated and's just an added burden to my life. i already have enough of those :C

at lunch, we hung out with the randomest crew ever but it was still pretty fun. i'm starting to enjoy lunch now. a lot.
music was surprisingly boring today, but on my way to business, all the football players were waiting for their bus, i believe. and then when i was forced to walk through them to get to class, they all said hi. it was weird but it a nice way, i suppose.

anyway, starting tonight, me, nkechi, ysabel & possibly other people will begin passing around a notebook. it's for us to write in, at random times in class when you're super bored or have something you wanna say. and then we'll deliver it to the next person, who'll read what you wrote & respond to it. i'm excited since i do love writing. typing gets tiring sometimes and there's just things you can only do by writing.

the weather was positively delightful today. no blasted sun and i had a chance to wear the fall jacket i got in the summer. i've been itching to wear & all i needed was the right weather! got lots of compliments on it so i'm feeling very bigheaded right now :D
it was even cold enough to wear my trench when i had to go back to school to get something i forgot. 1-word reason for even forgetting it in the 1st place? reet.

for now, enjoy an awesome song with a hilarious music video, featuring tom cruise:

city sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Sunday, September 28, 2008

you can tell my dad's getting all hyped up for christmas since christmas songs are currently playing when it isn't even october yet. i was going to start discussing christmas but it's way too far away. i'm not good at thinking about anything that's not in the near future, sadly.

but what is coming up is hallowe'en and then WINTER, my 2nd favorite season of the year (the first being autumn). the snow is such a delight, but the no. 1 thing i hate about winter is how the days are oh-so-painfully short! the blazing sun is my enemy but it feels awful if the day is already gone and you haven't even eaten dinner yet.
i'm not entirely sure what i want to be for hallowe'en. actually, i have no idea. any suggestions? should i even go trick or treating this year? it's so much fun but even last year, i was already getting embarrassed with how obviously old i am (because of my height). plus the sweet harvest last year was awful. it seems like no one's really into hallowe'en anymore. or maybe it's just cause so many people were in our neighborhood last year!

okay, so bottom line:
  • i need to go shopping with the hoes
  • give me suggestions for a hallowe'en costume that would suit me
  • a friend a day keeps the depression away! D:
  • sorry for pressuring you, melissa! no need to tell me, alrightz?

put it in words
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not so much work today! mr. evil FINALLY, for the first time since the beginning of the semester. hallelujah! but i took the bus home by myself today, seeing as nkechi was at football practice waiting for ysabel who was at the china meeting (haha, sounds weird). plus, after school i met up with some others and it was awkward, so it was for the best that i left. i called ysabel up to ask her if the philippine meeting already took place and she said it was today o.O
but of course, i missed it, because mr. evil talks through the whole announcements. should i go to the 2nd meeting or not? i'm thinking no, since band already takes up too much of my time.

on that note! band! sorry guys, i know i talk too much about but what can i do? music is my life. we're playing at the senior and junior home football games, so i'm pretty sure the band will get called down early, but f that. i'm walking with melissa & co. c:
anyways, i have to wear a band jacket. it looks slightly weird but at least it ain't hideous. might actually look pretty cool if i wear it right c; bring yo cam tomorrow, nkech!

haha, i decided to take down that photo on my blog - you know, the 1 with the weird expression on my face? because if anyone finds this, they'll know right away it's me. OKAY FINE i know it says my name there! but my photo. it doesn't feel safe -__-; i instead put a pretty photo of the sky we took in my backyard with nkechi's mac + effect. much better than staring at the freakyface.

i tried looking for the blonde god today (did i mention his haircolor or what), but no such luck. maybe it was a dream but then that would mean i'm a schizophrenic or something, and i'd rather accept that i just couldn't find him today. i hope he has lunch A but even if i see him, i dunno how i'll approach him. on the other hand, reet was everywhere today. i mean it. even ask nkechi if you want a testimony or something. i'd love to just shake him off or slap him in front of everyone but the last thing i need at this new school is someone who hates me.
so i'll just take it like... i dunno. a lady? or a champ, HAHAHA.

wow, these are getting so long. you don't really have to read them, it's kind of for me mostly C:

dressed to impress
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what can i say? i'll only write if there's enough to write about. no use boring you! c:

friday was something interesting, that much i'll say. it was fun and i learned lots of "new" things. and i got to play with nkechi's hamster, so s'all good. we'll leave at that, alright?

well, our science teacher's daily quiz rage still hasn't ended and it's what makes up 80% of my homework everyday. school's getting busier and busier, and i'll find myself falling into a downward spiral if i don't keep up. which is exactly what happens in go ask alice. read & weep. truly! if you don't you are a heartless, heartless person.

had band practice today, but it was a bit embarassing. first off, before we even started to play, the most annoying kid of the world has decided to bother me by poking and pinching me in the ribs/back whenever he sees me. let us call him retard or "reet" for short.
anyway, i have no idea wth he was even doing in the music room but he saw me and attacked. i tried to be as civil/ladylike as possible and not lash out "stop touching me, you fatass!" harsh, i know, but god! he never stops! anyways, so i ran away from reet into the crowded atrium.
i was basically slipping and sliding all over the place, trying to move fast but not run into people when all of a sudden!
someone grabbed my arm, and i was super scared it would be reet! but it wasn't! he was a god! or maybe just a model, hahaha. and he said "are you lost?"
"you were like a mouse scurrying everywhere"
"oh. uhhhh..."
"are you lost? do you want me to help you?"
"um. i have to go. bye"
hottest guy on the planet and i brush him off! i could always say it was cause he thought i was like a mouse. but let's not kid ourselves. truth be told, i was so in awe by his godliness.

okay ignore all that god crap. i sound like a reet myself -__- and that dude wasn't really a god, i'm catholic. he only looked hella like one. sorry God.

i met nkechi, ysabel & co. outside and i think something worthy of writing happened out there, but i can't remember on account of being blinded by "the god." so i went back in the music room, reet was gone. breathed a sigh of relief.
and then i played way crappier than everyone else, as per usual.

this is the sound of my soul
Friday, September 19, 2008

haven't written in a few days since i've been insanely busy with life and work, but mostly with work. as usual, science quiz(zies) are still going strong daily. this means regardless of how easy my other subjects maybe, i won't be taking it completely easy anytime soon.

on tuesday, i attended concert band after school - my first club activity. it was a lot of fun even though everyone was lightyears better than me. i'll try my best to catch up though. we're playing all these awesome old rock-jazz type songs and the level there is much better than in my music class. we shall be playing at the terry fox run & then at the home football game. i'm so excited! haha, ew, already turning into a band geek c:

business is monkey barrels of fun. it's so relaxed and is basically the best kind of hangout class. i'm late bunches but i'm never marked down late. our teacher gives us rewards if we don't skip class/are late for 5 days in a row. i'm afraid i'm not learning much and maybe screwed for the exam, but oh well, it's too far away to even think about. the teacher gives the funnest assignments ever - we had some collage and i just went to town with it (now! it's pretty awesome lookin'). so of course, i said yes when he asked me if i'd attend the investors of tomorrow meeting today after school.
i met a couple new people there. it was pretty laidback and i sort of felt elated? haha, but only 'cause i made some new friends, or should i say acquaintances? i don't know if i should keep attending or not but ysabel wants to go for food, so we'll see :/

this friday, there's supposed to be a chiller at nkechi's place? that'd be uber-spectacular if everyone came. it'd be funner than... a mosh pit? hahahaha, i don't know. but i'm looking forward to it.

right, this is getting a bit too long for my taste. next topic: go ask alice. once i'm done. this means, pay me and i'll do your book reports, hahaha. cause i'm a bookworm lyk dat.
on another not, i stand corrected: chris does write in his blog. my bad D:
gomen nesai.

what you can do with my love
Monday, September 15, 2008

school is becoming seriously stressful but only because of skrak's class. every single one of my other classes are so easy and fun. i actually enjoy macbeth. we're at a really boring stage right now, but there's not a lot of homework. music is just playing and theory is super easy. business is funny/boring.
but science! A QUIZ(zie) EVERYDAY FOR 2 WEEKS NOW. our teacher is insane. when he was born, he probably never went through the baby, child, teen stages. he popped out of his mother fully grown, i swear. he doesn't know what it's like to be young and have a life.
ahhh, i'm not that pissed off at him, just slightly angry :|
but meh.

on a different note, more and more people are coming to blogger, e.g. chris, hahaha. but i don't think he's even written in it D:

went over and chillaxed with my hoes today. it was quite regular, and as usual, y.g. entertained us with her soap opera of a life. did you know there's a korean talent agency called YG entertainment? hahaha.

what a glorious feeling
Sunday, September 14, 2008

i took my second shower today. i'm thoroughly sick of dressing in my normal pyjamas, so i wore this jumper dress and it felt so comfortable.
it was dark, windy and raining outside, but it was suffocatingly hot in my room so i stepped out on my balcony. there was a huge puddle of water, dirt, mold, algae, etc. since no one has been at the balcony for months. i brought out a newspaper to put my feet on so they wouldn't get wet and a stool to sit on.
and i played my violin in the balcony, in the dark, in the rain, in the wind.
it was incredible.
but my feet ended up being wet anyway and grey since newspaper ink got all over them.

conclusion: clean up my balcony, since it's mine now and make it my own space. not everyone gets to have a balcony right? c:
any suggestions to what i should do? i was thinking of having flower boxes... although it's a bit late, seeing as it's already autumn.

the rose of battle

man oh man, the sweet far thing was amazing. i raced through the last 10 chapters, and ended up going to bed at 3 am. it was really something else, since at a crucial moment, the wind blew so hard that my window swung open. and just as i finished, it started to rain.
i felt like going outside again but i was too jittery from the world i was just in.

yes, i have a weak grip on reality. i know, i know.

our cheeks can brush
Saturday, September 13, 2008

one of my favorite power pop bands is hellogoodbye. you've probably heard their most famous song, "here (in your arms)." the music video's pretty amazing too.

it's weird, since it's mostly of people making out but the lead singer, i just adorreee. he's the one wearing the pink shirt and glasses. but honestly, however cheesy this vid is, i still love it to bits. i wish i went to camp holadias during the summer of '91. HOWEVER, i wasn't born yet, so it's impossible :c

the weather's so dreary! then it started to rain and i had clothes hanging to dry. end result: i'm running around like a headless chicken scrambling to get the clothes down before they get too soaked, sacrificing myself in the process.
haha, reminds me of this one scene from pride & prejudice. but in the movie, keira knightley only had to take down like, 1 sheet. rrrrrrrrr.

not doing much today... oh wait, i have some family function to attend. a house blessing, i believe and for filipinos, that means food :| we like to eat whenever there's the slightest occasion. i can look forward to some leche flan and a few extra pounds. yum.

ahhh, the rain's so nice. i'm going for a walk.

my heart is saying don't let go
Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm already having second thoughts about this whole blogging thing.
i mean, i've already had 3 and i've abandoned all of them, so i suppose the same thing will eventually happen to this one. i wonder if people even find this interesting to read.
i actually don't write about my life all that much, because it would just be too fucking boring. so this is to show my "perspective," if you will.
however... let's see & stick around for the ride.
also, this will be another item added to the list of unnecessary actvities that take up what little is of debbie's time.
oh lordy lord.

oh! interesting fact: my favorite musical is GREASE. and to those who say hsm is a modern-day grease, they should check themselves into hell because that is blasphemy. or at the very a mental institution?

i wonder if there are other people i know who have a journal on this site - besides my beloveds ysabel and nkechi? we'll just have to see c:

the sweet far thing

right right right...
so i'm wondering, should i type in proper grammer, capitilization and advanced vocabulary?
or shall we just stick to the lowercase rush? i'll figure it out eventually.

started school at st. joseph. it's been something, i'll tell you. as much as i loathed holy name of mary, this place definitely has its ups and downs. for one thing, since there are so many people, you get lost in the crowd without even trying. if someone's new, you'd never know, you'd just assume you've never seen them around before.
what i'm trying to say is that being there everyday makes me feel really... anonymous.
guess i'll have to try harder to be something else. not stand out per se, but not be another faceless student within a school of almost 2000 souls.

anyway, my subjects are pretty great except for science. then again, you can't win 'em all, can you now? in english, i don't know anyone there who knows me quite well and feels pretty whoa. no one knows you were before, they only see you as who you are now.
i don't know how i should feel about that. is it a good or bad thing?

at music, i was playing tenor saxophone but it was so nasty and crumbly that i asked to switched to something else. my teacher though, was convinced i would be a strong player and told me to "see how it works out."
so i faked it, for 2 weeks - that i couldn't produce a single sound from the damn thing. it worked and now i'm playing flute. problem: i'm 2 weeks behind everyone else of course. we're having a playing test and unless i practice like university music student (which is to say, a lot) i shall fail.
currently, i'm teaching myself. we'll see how it goes, as music is one of few things that come naturally to me.

swamped with science homework too, and being hooked on "the sweet far thing" isn't helping matters. it's victorian, gothic, passionate, and so lovely. i probably won't even be able to begin work until i'm finished.

break then build up
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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