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Friday, November 28, 2008

OLD what must be done
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. chapters visit!
  3. mend jacket
  4. do well on sci. physics unit test
  5. macbeth essay
  6. buy lbd (with nkechi & ysabel's advice, if possible)
  7. practice tons for violin exam
  8. memorize songs for violin exam x.x
  9. don't forget to wear poppy everyday until the 12th
you can tell that i haven't updated this in a while. i've just been so busy recently that i haven't gotten a single break to just sit down and write one of these, so it just ends up being super long when i actually do get a chance to.
it's infuriating sometimes, since my social life is as ridiculously active as some other's due to the limitations my parents have on me and i still don't have any time to do the things i'd like to do. i'm not exactly too sure what to write now seeing as so much has happened. i don't even know where to begin and a lot of events that are very blog-worthy aren't even entering my mind.

i guess i should start with LAC although i don't very much feel like writing about it since it's not too fresh in my mind anymore and the adrenaline or whatever isn't pumping through my veins anymore. on tuesday, i didn't buy 1 lbd, but 2! they were so cute and i honestly didn't know which one to wear for the concert, but i finally chose the 1 that would stand out more from afar, since the other is 100% black. i decided to put a cream white silk ribbon in my hair since it sort of matched the dress, which was mostly black and some white. (haha, why am i telling you this? -__-) and it was pretty cold, so i wore silk tights and my usual trench over everything.

so i brought my stuff to the dressing room when i got there (after much asking of people) and when to the wrong room, jazz band. i thought, HUH? why are there no girls here? and why are all these guys older & carrying guitars?!
but i eventually found the right room. it was mad hot in there though, since they had all these super bright, big lightbulbs all around the mirrors, just like what you see in movies. we rehearsed a little bit before the show started and then i went with 2 other people to explore the theatre by going through all these random doors/passageways.
we ran into some random bald dude going up the stairs and i was totally scared he'd start yelling at us for being in a restricted area or something but instead, he says "the pizza's here." we rushed downstairs, intercepted the pizza, being the hungry kids/pigs (your interpretation) that we are. so we snuck it down to the dressing room and ate some and didn't tell anyone else. when they did find out, they couldn't even get into the room since they didn't know the password.
it's 777* by the way, for those of you who're wondering, though LAC has probably changed it.

still waiting for the show to start, i chilled with marching band and grade 10 guitar. grade 10 guitar had 2 dressing rooms connected to each other by a huge bathroom (with a shower & everything), just like grade 9/10 band. weird thing was, they split themselves into girls & boys.
found like, a whole bunch of people to hangout with there. they're so lucky though, since they get to wear a black shirt/jeans, while we have to wear black semiformal and formal, in some other cases. they ran out of pizza since guitarists apparently have a "bigger appetite," so they broke into the 9ers' dressing room and stole 3 slices each C:

then the show started, with only a few mishaps which culminated in me not being able to be there for curtain call -___- obviously, a lot of stuff happened before, during and after this, but it's simply too much to write and not enough i can remember. i have some young alzheimer's or something. it just happened really fast & was all in all a fun night. i'm disappointed i didn't take any photos of it, but oh well. can't have everything right?
so that's about as detailed i can get without getting bored of typing. if you read all of that... i'm surprised you didn't fall asleep (or maybe you did!).

onto today, which was a very good day. science was uncommonly stress free since we're watching madagascar 2 for our CT. english was a riot, again uncommonly since there's so many idiots and shallow, vapid people in it. lunch was a laugh too, instead of the regular bore it usually is and music was quite alright, pretty dull actually, as was business.
we relaxed at y.go's house for bit then i went on home.
my spirits are slightly dampened by the huge workload i'll be having come next week, since 3 of 4 CTs are officially released (everything but music). this calls for a NEW wmbd list.

NEW what must be done
  1. business marketing challenge report - half of a CT
  2. english short story essay - CT
  3. science ecology - CT
  4. part a: chart
  5. part b: slideshow
  6. part c: pamphlet
  7. memorize songs/scales/studies for violin exam
  8. practice songs/scales/studies for violin exam
  9. chapters visit
  10. visit heartland h&m

the science CT is so demanding that it's 3 projects in itself.
WOW at my cbox if you read that whole entry.

but play around, for sure
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

set sail for the seven seas! by inspiring

new set. i've been itching to do this nautica; theme for a while, so there it is.
this entry will pretty much be all over the place since my internet has been down since the weekend.

i was totally caught off guard by tomorrow's civvies but i managed to ask nin and let me borrow something. i think it'll work. it's a bit out of the ordinary, my outfit, but it's not TOO flashy. or maybe it is, compared to the whole hoodie-uggs-tna-pants thing people are going for.

did my physics test yesterday. i'm really relieved all that's over but i did so horribly on it! i didn't even finish the last 2 pages (which were legal-sized!) and i studied my head off. i didn't study at all for the chemistry test and i got hardly anything wrong.
my sci/homeroom teacher was away friday so we didn't get our mid-terms then, but on monday instead. suffice to say, i'm quite proud of myself (90.5% average) but there are still some subjects which could use some major... improving. especially science and now music, i'm sad to say.
which reminds me: all those wondering why i wanted to shop with you for a lbd (little black dress), it's for the school's fall music show at the living arts centre. i already have a black dress but it'd be nice to wear a different - which is why i'm shopping for it. besides, every girl must have at least 1 or 2 lbds.

ysabel & i were watching daft bodies yesterday and we were ridiculously giddy. she was mesmerized honestly. even when policar came over, she couldn't peel herself off the screen when she went back upstairs. it's a really amazing... ahem, song. i'd watch it 5 more times and still be interested c;

and my adventure with nin was today, which if you didn't know, was the first snowfall. it's extraordinarily late for the 1st snowfall, so i'm hoping it won't be a green christmas this winter! we were walking home & being the ice-skating lover i am, i strayed from the path and walked over to an ice bank. we tested it and it collapsed under our weight, water splashing through really fast and wetting my socks, but it wasn't too bad.
we kept walking and this time, we found an even BIGGER patch of ice. i know we got wet last time, but it was really irresistible. so nin went in it really fast, sank in water to her ankles, while laughing & screaming. in her rush to get out of the ice, she slipped and sank knees first! D:
but i helped and i was super surprised she didn't cry and/or wet herself. i can't believe she was more upset about her jacket :/

anyways, i've sleeping really late recently and this needs to be remedied. i'm also being really scatterbrained and i'm losing things all over the place. i'll probably spend most of the weekend shopping for a black dress for the concert and looking for all the stuff i've lost -__-

oh yesss, we're going to pho tomorrow c;

the holy or the broken
Sunday, November 9, 2008

i saw all these famous athletes in guitar hero world tour's risky biz commercial:
kobe bryant, alex rodriguez, tony hawk, michael phelps.
it makes me wanna buy it, so i guess they've succeeded C:

on a different note, i found a photo of david choi when he was a kid and used to play the violin, apparently!

i love small tuxes c:

there was a time you let me know

to members of nbk:
what happens in a three-way call stays in that call.

moving on...
i went grocery shopping today and it finally hit me that all the stores are already prepping/prepped for christmas! and playing christmas music 24/7! i felt really weird when i realized this. all i could think was, 2008's going by too fast!
i'm getting all excited now, anticipating the first (real) snowfall and just that feeling you get near christmas that you don't really experience any other time of the year. of course, with major snow means i'm gonna have to find other ways to "exercise," since i won't be able to walk home anymore.
lest they find my dead frozen body lying in the creek once the snow's all gone :/

i'm just really disappointed at how they're already starting to play christmas music when it's not until more than a month. that means when it's actually near, we'll already be sick of the music.
another upsetting fact: there definitely won't be as many snow days this year since hnm is gone. those were the best, honestly. i loved getting to stay home while all the joe hoes had to go to school xD

bah. i have so much mind-numbing crap to do today, i probably won't be able to relax. at least my essay (which i'm really supposed to be working on right now) is due tomorrow, which is a huge relief and also stress-inducing at the same time :/
what must be done (with edits)
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. chapters visit!
  3. mend jacket
  4. do well on science unit test (a.k.a. study like a maniac)
  5. macbeth essay
  6. buy lbd (with nkechi & ysabel's advice, if possible)
  7. practice tons for violin exam
  8. memorize songs for violin exam x.x
  9. don't forget to wear poppy everyday until the 12th
  10. call jeunesse

"Away, and mock the time with fairest show:
False face must hide what the false heart doth know."

(Act I, scene vii, lines 81-82
from Macbeth by Wm. Shakespeare)

take every dose of me
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tonight was hnm's awards ceremony which i attended in order to receive recognition for honor roll. all the students meet up in the caf first & the parents wait in the gym. so while we were in line, waiting for the signal to walk into the gym, i got in trouble! D:
okay, so i managed to find my hnm uniform, but i left my dress shoes at joe's. i wore my green converses instead since any other "acceptable dress shoes" were like, high heels. and it was a bit chilly outside so i wore my grey cropped jacket.
anyways, ms. brothers yelled at me in front of everyone saying, "i'm not letting you on stage if you're not in uniform. that means you, in the green shoes and jacket!"
me: ?
so then a & m are like "go tell her you don't go here anymore!"
but i was a little scared! i did anyways, so she stopped ragging on me. but she was calling me a "wannabe hnm student." my face was all heating up and all i could think of was "******' **** ****." censored for your innocence, hahaha. but anyways, ms. b is a bitch & even she couldn't ruin my day. i mean, night.

i was so ecstatic to see all my friends again!
i felt so loved, hahaha. it was such pure joy, honestly. i don't say this often but when i do, i mean it: i felt like my heart would burst! there is just something special about seeing all these people you love after so long, believing you wouldn't be seeing them again.
i hugged 97% of the (former) 9th grade. i just can't believe how amazingly close i was with everyone last year. it was just so easy to get a long with (almost) everyone.
of course, i didn't get to see my friends who didn't get an award, so it wasn't totally complete, but still. even though it was only a brief hug and shock of joy/surprise, it was still pretty sweet to see everyone again.

got to see: monee, hannah, mimi, eleisha, mabel, jaime, fatima, micca, monica, natalie, joolya, nicole, diana, etc. a lot more, but liiiike... you get the point C:

you know i'm happy if i have a ton of homework & i'm feeling light headed!
anyways, i got a cert, but i didn't get a medal :""c and i didn't get any awards other than honor roll. i was sort of disappointed.
ah, well. we ate out at pho afterwards.

pink lemonade by inspiring

on another note, check out my polyvore profile. that ^ is a set. all my notes are on the set page. click it!
polyvore's quite addicting (and another unnecessary addition to "things that distract me" list), although i only have 2 sets so far. write your username on my cbox if you make one so i can add you c:
give it a try & you just might get hooked.

we'll defy a little bit of gravity
Monday, November 3, 2008

obama-biden '08!
~xo, debbie

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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