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no harvest moon to light one tender august night
Friday, July 31, 2009

summer has been slow moving until about mid-july, and then things started happening on after another. now my birthday is approaching, marking the beginning of summer's last half. supposedly, the days begin to cool and get shorter but that's not the case for this summer since it's been cloudy and generally gloomy or stormy about 70% of the time.

anyways, volunteering week at MCBC camp is over. i have about a shred of hope that we'll still be volunteering for week 6, but i'm trying to have any expectations so as to avoid any disappointment.

i finally watched harry p and the half blood prince yesterday and the ugly truth today, both of which were very good, bordering on excellent movies.
HBP was chock-full of awkward moments, like when ginny bends down... to tie harry's laces?! where did that come from? lavander was excellently played and draco malfoy was really sexy as usual but cormac mclaggen, some dude (who isn't really supposed to be as hot as he was in the movie) was a total scene stealer. i dunno what was going on with the whole finger licking thing but it was pretty hilarious. luna is charming as usual, but my absolute favorite was professor slughorn. i'm so glad they focused more character but i wish they didn't include so many stupid puberty-ic scenes. snapey was greasy and evil and just all-around great.
the ugly truth came out recently so i won't spoil it for you but i think it was totally worth watching. it made me laugh out loud the whole way through even though the jokes were kind of crude, they were still somehow classy? i dunno, don't ask. but it was a very entertaining movie. predictable ending of course seeing how it's a romantic comedy but still a ton of fun to watch. i'd watch it again if i had the time.

almost finished the production of a little parody starring keech and i. it was completely her idea and i do almost zero acting since the way you'll see me in the video is exactly how i'd react in such a situation. all we need is to finish filming 2 more cuts/parts and wrap up the editing. coming out soon in a cinema(?) near you!

as mentioned earlier, the big 16 years is coming up for me. i'd really love some doc martens that i've been eyeing and lusting after for a while (come on, who doesn't want "bouncing soles"?) but i found the nearest dealer (lulz) sells it for $160. waaaaay out of my price range, especially now i'm in a bit of a tight spot. i don't want any fancy ones, just the original vintage 1460s:
only in my dreams:

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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