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you see a sight that almost stops your heart
Friday, October 31, 2008

happy hallowe'en 2008!
~xo, debbie

invite us to begin the day
Monday, October 27, 2008

gotta keep this short since i have to work on my macbeth seminar + essay, science lab report, etc.

monday: weird eating contest at lunch! benj ate some totally weird concoction of pudding, whipped cream, gummy worms & cookies... without being able to use his hands D:
i still have to show them photos to ysabel ;D
first legal lunch with nkechi + vicky. hooray for no more rock climbing!

tuesday: i'm playing at the pep rally tomorrow in band c:
watch out for the awesome skillz mayyyn!

wednesday: presenting the macbeth seminar finally! also, it's civvies a.k.a. dress up in costume day at joe's. because they're too reet to just move on the actual damn day of hallowe'en!
explorer girl/safari comes to examine high school wildlife 8D
ysabel's gone to passchaendale

thursday: culture shock! i get to see ysabel in her oh-so-sexy chinese dress. massages, baby c;

friday: hallowe'en. can't hang out with the gang since i have same lame-o hallowe'en party to go to. but we'll plan something c; somehow...

i find it interesting how i updated less the once a week and now it's like, twice a day. that's what happens when it's spirit week! expect either:
~ lots of updates in the week to come
~ hardly any because it'll be so busy! *sweatdrop*

i'm also being super productive with my WMBD list ;D

what must be done
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. plan sleepover in place of awake-a-thon
  3. chapters visit!
  4. shopping for hallowe'en costume (LAST CHANCE THIS WEEKEND)
  5. mend jacket
  6. academic goals (i admit, this will never be finished. but for the purposes of this lists, it's certainly on it's way!)
  7. sync ipod to n.n.'s library
  8. work on the macbeth seminar (half done!)

the queen of hearts

because all the cool people come at least 30 minutes late to parties, it was no coincidence that nkechi & i arrived at almost the exact same time (at jon's birthday, saturday night).
it was pretty much dead when we came but we had a little t&d game with jeatriz.
then we played signal. team jon&nkechi kept winning, but benjie & i never did! rigged, i say -__-

but then they taught me to play poker! the johns and ollie teamed up, which was oh-so-evil. everyone lost all their chips except team O-J-J and me and jeatriz. and then i won.
it was all for you, ysabel and benjie. yaaaay!
they say "beginner's luck" but meh. card games are one of the few things that come easily to me (hahaha, i know you're thinking "don't be boosting, debbie!") but this time, it was PERSONAL. hahaha ;D

anyways, it just goes to show you don't need an awesome location, drinks, drugs, etc. to have an awesome time. it was the most i've laughed and had fun in a long time. must plan more!
i just wonder if the guys talked about us after we left. what i would give to be a fly on the wall!

i promised to get my hallowe'en costume this weekend, from my "what must be done list" last thursday. my original plans were
  • shepherdess - flopped because it would've been too similar to ysabel's loli outfit
  • baseball player - couldn't find any jersey shirts or striped fitted pants :c
  • hippie - all the peasant tops at the thrift store were huuuuge. like, xxxl or something. and i couldn't go shopping for something new because boho things are super trendy right now and therefore, super expensive.
so i spent i don't know how long at the thrift store, but i found a ton of awesome stuff. designer stuff! you know it c:
thrift stores are the places to shop for the NON-rich. it takes more skill to find these things but when you do, it feels amazing since it took time & hard work. plus - designer items for dirt cheap! that feels good too, haha.
what i ended up getting not for my costume:
  • guess camisole
  • banana republic jacket
  • juicy shirt (i gave into temptation! sorry D"':)
  • american eagle
i'm dressing as an explorer. a safari girl. if you don't really get what that is, visual aid!:

weird, never seen it done before, therefore original... therefore i love it.
though mine is quite different, there are similar elements.

i swear, the models for these slutty costumes are always blonde.
this is what i ended up getting for my costume + what i already have around the house:
  • tan hugo boss dress! this is what started the whole idea for my costume. i just began building my costume around this dress.
  • light beige safari-type hat
  • black leather rosetti messenger purse
  • leather gloves
  • 3 different belts. don't know which one to use
  • binoculars
  • brown striped scarf
sorry these entries have been so long lately, but a lot has been happening and i rarely have time to update. so i have squish it into 1!

down below
Friday, October 24, 2008

feeling a bit upset right now but at least my friends were with me to lessen the blow. i'll try to get over it and work hard show those idiots up (not my friends!). being depressed helps nothing.
it just infuriates me when people judge you and they know absolutely nothing about it! especially when you know they're horribly and utterly wrong.

however, i'm now forbidden from coming home later than when i'm supposed to for an indefinite period of time. since i came home 5 minutes late
oh well. not everyone leads a charmed life.

on a brighter note, fredflare now has a store!~ they open today in about 15 minutes.
i guess i'll have to visit brooklyn someday.

how you thrill me
Thursday, October 23, 2008

accidentally booked interviews with all 4 of my teachers today because of a miscommunication, but it ended up to be all good!

top of the class in 2 out of 4 subjects, baby!
haha, i'm such a little geek c8

but i do have to start practicing my flute (oh, great! as if i needed even less free time) and pulling up my science (which is gonna be a huuuuge undertaking). but i welcome challenges! well, not really, but i can't help but be optimistic right now. i feel content.

the following is just to keep myself organized.

to buy (for sure)
  1. victorian ruffled shirt
  2. striped rugby (long sleeve or short sleeve?)
  3. fitted hoodie (short sleeve?)
  4. lace socks
  5. thigh high or above the knee nylons (colorful)
  6. mask + cleanser (am & pm)
  7. old mixed print shirts (preferably from thrift store)
  8. compact mirror
  9. erin fetherston for target shirt
  10. anorak
wish to buy (someday. some of these will only be in my dreams, or to humor myself c:)
  1. tory burch flats (for school! hurrah!)
  2. striped cardigan
  3. a.p.c. dress
  4. color block jacket (american eagle)
  5. sequin dress (yves saint laurent)
  6. cute jumper (grey or tweed)
  7. black & white blouse (cynthia rowley)
  8. knit hoodie
  9. zipper dress (moschino)
  10. loose ankle boots
  11. graphic dress (marc jacobs)
  12. gladiators (off season sale? please?)
  13. cashmere scarf (gap, hahaha)
  14. navy luella sweater
  15. print tote (stephane verdino)
  16. snakeskin coin purse! (luella)
  17. canvas sneakers (peter jensen)
  18. kate spade chunky scarf - in purple!
  19. 3.1 phillip lim blouse D"':
  20. turquoise flats
and if i work hard... maybe that "(someday)" will be sometime in the near future.

what must be done
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. plan sleepover in place of awake-a-thon
  3. chapters visit!
  4. shopping for hallowe'en costume (LAST CHANCE THIS WEEKEND)
  5. mend jacket
  6. academic goals
  7. sync ipod to n.n.'s library
  8. work on the macbeth seminar

nowhere to hide
Monday, October 20, 2008

today is for a light-hearted entry! BREAK IT DOWN!
with an update c:
  • not much homework today
  • dressing up in the 1 loli dress with mah hoezz. we all know the lolita look doesn't suit me... at least, the sweet kind doesn't. but maybe kuro-loli or goth-loli would be a tad better.
  • after school everyday this week at my english group's. we need to get CRACKIN'
  • i have... 3 flute solos -__- (including one that's 18 measures long D""': it makes me dizzy and spaz out. almost fainted once)
  • they played haru haru at school today. whether you believe or not is up to you, but i'm telling you like it is dawg.
  • music class is still divine. BUT! he got a haircut. noOOooOoO. oh well. it wasn't even about the hair anyways.
  • expect a buttload of homework this week! we'll probably start delving into physics right away + macbeth essay + seminar. urrrrgghh...
  • girls at lunch have abandoned me for rock climbing (chhhh, girls. rock climbing's not worth ditching me for it :| I KEED)
  • "transformers are hella tightz!!" hahahaha, smosh C:
  • i'm NOT going to fearfest/hallowe'en haunt. EVER. so sue me c;
  • need to go shopping/searching for a hallowe'en costume (or something of the sort) this week(end).
  • hopefully, i can keep going with the nice marks i've been getting lately. science is slipping like crzy, so i'll have to be fixxing that.
  • like i said, a rollercoaster ride of a week, work-wise at least. hopefully, it won't be a rollercoaster ride emotionally. i had enough of that last week :|
that was definitely all over the place. i hope you were able to comprehend at least 1% of that!

your heart was an open book
Friday, October 17, 2008

there are so much more pressing matters to talk about. my brain is constantly thinking about two things. it's your choice whether to read on or not as this might be quite dull for you.

the best word i can think of to describe my state of being right now is lovestruck. with music, naturally (what, you thought it was with something else?). i highly doubt anyone reads my tumblr, but you'll see what i'm talking about.
i feel guilty because i rarely give to music these days, what with all the changes constantly happening in my life. but then again, if i wait for changes to stop before i start practicing then i'll never begin!
but what little time i do give to music is always rewarded.
for instance, i took music this year and it has reaped nothing but benefits for me. there's the small things of course, like greatly lessening my homework load, raising my average greatly and being a generally enjoyable & carefree subject. it lessens as well as alleviates my stress quite a bit.

all these things seem so insignificant compared to what this class has let me see each day:
  • someone who makes my heart beat faster
  • makes me laugh & smile
  • is so ridiculously genuine
i'm not gonna talk about the physical stuff because that's not what matters, but it is definitely something. i sound like a lovesick idiot but i'm not. i'm not gonna call it love, because it certainly isn't. it isn't infatuation either. i know it's not gonna happen and i'm okay with it. i don't really have much hope but it makes me happy. i don't have to start anything but at least i won't have to be disappointed either.

but i'm proud of myself for gathering up the courage to do everything i've been doing so far. i'm still painfully - well, shy, as there's no other word for it. i'm still also very grounded. down to earth.
perhaps you've been wondering why i've titled this blog "dynamic." it's because dynamic is what you call a character who's constantly changing. static is someone who stays fixed; the same.
i find myself changing in small but rapid ways. what i do and what i view this week is so different even just from last week. i take small but fast baby steps.

life is slowly getting busier and happier... for now. i'm being realistic, not pessimistic.

things are definitely changing, day by day, period by period. things that are happening are being revealed to me, but i found myself surprised that i somehow already knew about it in the back of my head, in my subconscious. it's astonishing at how you wait so long for something to happen and it does... but all at once with a whole host of other things.

oh, i have so much more to say, but this is long enough as it is. let's leave it for another day, shall we?
i highly doubt anyone has read all of this. kudos to you if you at least skimmed through it c:

at the very least, i hope i gave you an opportunity to flip through your dictionaries a bit.

come and get it
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"happy belated birthday, ysabel!"
~xo, debbie
photo crphoto creds: nkechi's macbook c:

the way black is black
Thursday, October 9, 2008

long in the making... part deux!

so high school is all about appearances and other such superficial things right?
ever since 5th grade, i'd thought high school was supposed to the best years of life. the funnest. but what i've been finding out so far is it isn't all it's supposed to be. so i'm thinking what if the best years of your life are actually in college/university?

hence the random photo from my favorite tv show right now, GREEK. which doesn't take place in high school surprisingly! and all my friends know i barely watch tv, or don't at all.
i completely relate with the main character rusty. he studied all through high school & now he just wants to have fun at college. that's probably gonna be me though. so i should probably start focusing on school way more, since my social life isn't going well for me just now. i mean, one day, everything's monkey barrels of fun, the next day it's dead.
(plus i'll probably look better in college cause right now, i have braces, which won't be off until grade 11 at the latest)

which reminds me... today was a crappy bad day for me. for some reason, i was so out of it today. i kept tripping over things and my shoe fell off while i was going down the stairs.
bwhaahahaha. it happens to me a lot, since they're too big, BUT STILL. it's a bad, bad sign.
sometimes i tripped over nothing. some people ignored me today TT_TT
but maybe they just didn't see me?
i'm inclined to believe the best in people i like. i do hope it's because they didn't see me though. if not... hweh.

your heart pounding right with the beat
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the rain really gets me going. thanks for wetting my socks, soaking me to the bone and making me look homeless c:

i'd write something important but i don't feel like it.
i just feel so ecstatic, walking through the rain with nkechi & ysabel.
thanks for that.

(for those wondering when part II of the previous entry is coming up, my answer is ''soon'').

has your life shut down?
Monday, October 6, 2008

i remember ever since grade 5, i've longed to start high school. i knew about the huge workload and the enormous peer pressure but i was still excited. even at the end of eighth grade, it still seemed like something so alien and far away.

when it finally began, it was off to a bad start. i felt so angry, being deprived of a normal high school experience because i went to that school for my freshman year. so for all of ninth grade, i waited impatiently for the next school year. i was so eager to get started that i was even willing to skip summer vacation.
yes, read it and believe it.

i convinced myself that i hated my school. there were so many fun and amazing moments. i had a million close friends. there were so many people i cared for. i looked forward to every single class but not the school day. i felt empty when i left my friends but relief when i got on the bus. i never truly realized how lucky i was to have so many people who like me, care about me. there was never a single time i felt lonely in that school.
but i was impatient to leave it all behind me that i never stopped and enjoyed it. i hate myself because back then i convinced myself i would have absolutely no regrets about leaving.

now that i've actually started grade 10, i see how blessed i was back then. there's a class where i'm completely and utterly friendless. lunch is fun but sometimes awkward. when i go home, i realize how so many of my complaints about my old school were so meaningless. this new school makes you feel so unwanted, like you're just another extra person crowding its halls.

adults want you to believe wearing uniform will stop bullying and popularity but that's a load of... you know. there are so many people who believe they're better than others because of superficial things. i admit i do this sometimes but this doesn't stop me from making friends with whoever's nice to me. i'm not gonna ignore them just because they have lots of acne, have a bad fashion sense, etc.
i just really hate it when i see this happen to someone. it makes ask why there's so many people in the world who get everything they want when they don't even deserve a single bit of it?

so if you're wondering what this whole thing is, i'll tell you.
  1. it's somewhat of an apology to my old school
  2. me venting on the injustices of the world c:
part 2 coming up!

stars, hide your fires!
Sunday, October 5, 2008

i've been super procrastinating all weekend long. i still haven't finished any of my assignments. i'm seriously dreading school now, seeing as in english class, i'm partnered up with a pair of slackers. i may be a procrastinator but i won't slack off if other people's marks are on the line.

some of my friends are all over me, saying i'm an idiot for not being happy with the mark i have in science. i feel bad since they would gladly trade with me, but what i have is so low! i'd be happy with it if i knew that's the best i can do but fr'realz... it isn't. so i'll just have to work harder, especially since i got a 29 on the lab.

i found out that none of my close friends have anything with me 2nd semester - but i guess it's my fault since i have 3 electives. mehhh. school seems so meaningless. i can't wait until all these projects are over. i'm slipping so fast! and i was thinking i'd get even better marks at joe's, but that's wrong. at hnm, everyone was so high standard that you competed but here, everyone's so low that they're pulling you down with it.
i just hope i'll be able to fight it.

anyway, for a lighter note - some eye candy.

you know you love his hair.

i've yet to find mr. right.
and i'm thinking, maybe it's because he doesn't go to my school. it makes sense, but it makes me happy and scared at the same time.

we'll see how it goes.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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