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Saturday, March 28, 2009

i really don't feel like writing in this anymore. i am twitter fan. twitta b da future and i feel like it's much more of a challenge to compress things into 140 characters.
it cuts out the ramblings.
people have been aching for me to update this so update i shall.
  1. my brother & i were discussing battle royale yesterday at about witching hour. we started talking about that 1 scene where some girl who's hiding in a house tries to call her parents on her cell but then sakamochi, some evil guy, answers so she hangs up. someone (a.k.a. mitsuko) enters the house. then sakamochi calls the girl back so her phone starts ringing. mitsuko finds out where the girl is and then slits her neck with a sickle while their hugging. i was so freaked that i couldn't sleep after and now i wanna watch the movie quite badly.

  2. my earth hour was actually earth hour and 1/2 because we were all too busy playing president by candle light.

  3. i'm getting seriously out of shape and need to do something about it! i'm thinking either ice skating, walking or rock climbing...

  4. wheeler gave an essay for homework, i have some french business letter to do and like a shit(aki mushroom) load of math homework.

  5. semester 2 subjects are careers, religion, french, math. current marks are 93/91/84/99, which one is for which subject? you'll never guess mahn. it shows my altogether suckiness? :c

  6. grade 9 was the best year of my life, looking back on it. da bomb. no, really.

  7. i want a nintendo DSi. and iphone, strictly for the apps.
harrumph, what a terrible weekend.

somewhere in the crowd
Thursday, March 5, 2009

let's just say i had a very bad day today.
it started off with a stupid assignment,
an even worse group to do it with,
the worst mark i have ever received this whole semester ,
(in french class even though i had proclaimed this semester "ridiculously easy"),
lunch was horrible, but that's the usual though...
and to top it off i can't even keep up in math.

i know that if i take a math test i won't even know the first thing about finding a centroid or whatever.
walking home, a splinter got stuck in my high tops and when i pulled it out, my ankle started bleeding. when i got home, i found the music examiner's critique had finally arrived after 6 weeks... of all the days for it arrive! well, that just made the day worse.
and then my mom told me i had to get a tetanus shot today and it hurts like... a mofo.
so i'm currently typing one-handed.

i admit there were a few people today, mostly strangers though that saved today from being the worst ever for grade 10, but it just might be the worst in 2009 (so far).
i really hope friday & the weekend will be better (lord help me if it's the same or worse than today) but i really just want this week to end.

i'd say more about other event (retreat & such) but typing with 1 hand is quite tiring.
see you in who knows when.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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