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Monday, September 7, 2009

i've hardly made any back-to-school preparations, except getting a new bag. i love it! it's a french connection messenger in lime... but not bright lime, it's a sort of understated lime. hmm.
and it was on sale, so i was sold, mehehehe.

i went to the cne yesterday. wasn't too exciting since it was so crowded! but it was the second last day before closing, so i can understand why. ate some dippin' dots for the first time in what seems forever! toured the at home pavilion, watched the usual show from la fusiliers de sherbrooke.
the acrobatics-ice skating-famous movies show was amazing. well, the GPs really enjoyed it, so it was worth it.
they skated to a whole bunch of movies... kill bill, the godfather, moulin rouge, top gun - i don't remember the rest but it was very entertaining.

do i have to go to joe's tomorrow? (don't answer that.)

edit: i watched i love you man twice. amazingly... tacky movie. looove it. i love sydney fife.
totally. totes macgotes.

hi Peter, i saw your billboards, they're spectacular. i'm sorry for calling you a whore. best of luck with sydney. if you're not still together... you can facebook me.

edit #2: AUUUGH my docs stil haven't come in! what to do, to do..

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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