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Monday, September 29, 2008

today was a good day, even though i had to get to school super early. reminds me of the summer school days. nkechi pointed out to me that you-know-who was standing right next to me but i had absolutely no idea what she was talking about so i ignored it.
i'm starting to forget what he looks like! so i'm not too worried about getting tangled. it's much too complicated and's just an added burden to my life. i already have enough of those :C

at lunch, we hung out with the randomest crew ever but it was still pretty fun. i'm starting to enjoy lunch now. a lot.
music was surprisingly boring today, but on my way to business, all the football players were waiting for their bus, i believe. and then when i was forced to walk through them to get to class, they all said hi. it was weird but it a nice way, i suppose.

anyway, starting tonight, me, nkechi, ysabel & possibly other people will begin passing around a notebook. it's for us to write in, at random times in class when you're super bored or have something you wanna say. and then we'll deliver it to the next person, who'll read what you wrote & respond to it. i'm excited since i do love writing. typing gets tiring sometimes and there's just things you can only do by writing.

the weather was positively delightful today. no blasted sun and i had a chance to wear the fall jacket i got in the summer. i've been itching to wear & all i needed was the right weather! got lots of compliments on it so i'm feeling very bigheaded right now :D
it was even cold enough to wear my trench when i had to go back to school to get something i forgot. 1-word reason for even forgetting it in the 1st place? reet.

for now, enjoy an awesome song with a hilarious music video, featuring tom cruise:

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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