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Sunday, September 28, 2008

you can tell my dad's getting all hyped up for christmas since christmas songs are currently playing when it isn't even october yet. i was going to start discussing christmas but it's way too far away. i'm not good at thinking about anything that's not in the near future, sadly.

but what is coming up is hallowe'en and then WINTER, my 2nd favorite season of the year (the first being autumn). the snow is such a delight, but the no. 1 thing i hate about winter is how the days are oh-so-painfully short! the blazing sun is my enemy but it feels awful if the day is already gone and you haven't even eaten dinner yet.
i'm not entirely sure what i want to be for hallowe'en. actually, i have no idea. any suggestions? should i even go trick or treating this year? it's so much fun but even last year, i was already getting embarrassed with how obviously old i am (because of my height). plus the sweet harvest last year was awful. it seems like no one's really into hallowe'en anymore. or maybe it's just cause so many people were in our neighborhood last year!

okay, so bottom line:
  • i need to go shopping with the hoes
  • give me suggestions for a hallowe'en costume that would suit me
  • a friend a day keeps the depression away! D:
  • sorry for pressuring you, melissa! no need to tell me, alrightz?

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