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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what can i say? i'll only write if there's enough to write about. no use boring you! c:

friday was something interesting, that much i'll say. it was fun and i learned lots of "new" things. and i got to play with nkechi's hamster, so s'all good. we'll leave at that, alright?

well, our science teacher's daily quiz rage still hasn't ended and it's what makes up 80% of my homework everyday. school's getting busier and busier, and i'll find myself falling into a downward spiral if i don't keep up. which is exactly what happens in go ask alice. read & weep. truly! if you don't you are a heartless, heartless person.

had band practice today, but it was a bit embarassing. first off, before we even started to play, the most annoying kid of the world has decided to bother me by poking and pinching me in the ribs/back whenever he sees me. let us call him retard or "reet" for short.
anyway, i have no idea wth he was even doing in the music room but he saw me and attacked. i tried to be as civil/ladylike as possible and not lash out "stop touching me, you fatass!" harsh, i know, but god! he never stops! anyways, so i ran away from reet into the crowded atrium.
i was basically slipping and sliding all over the place, trying to move fast but not run into people when all of a sudden!
someone grabbed my arm, and i was super scared it would be reet! but it wasn't! he was a god! or maybe just a model, hahaha. and he said "are you lost?"
"you were like a mouse scurrying everywhere"
"oh. uhhhh..."
"are you lost? do you want me to help you?"
"um. i have to go. bye"
hottest guy on the planet and i brush him off! i could always say it was cause he thought i was like a mouse. but let's not kid ourselves. truth be told, i was so in awe by his godliness.

okay ignore all that god crap. i sound like a reet myself -__- and that dude wasn't really a god, i'm catholic. he only looked hella like one. sorry God.

i met nkechi, ysabel & co. outside and i think something worthy of writing happened out there, but i can't remember on account of being blinded by "the god." so i went back in the music room, reet was gone. breathed a sigh of relief.
and then i played way crappier than everyone else, as per usual.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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