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Saturday, September 13, 2008

one of my favorite power pop bands is hellogoodbye. you've probably heard their most famous song, "here (in your arms)." the music video's pretty amazing too.

it's weird, since it's mostly of people making out but the lead singer, i just adorreee. he's the one wearing the pink shirt and glasses. but honestly, however cheesy this vid is, i still love it to bits. i wish i went to camp holadias during the summer of '91. HOWEVER, i wasn't born yet, so it's impossible :c

the weather's so dreary! then it started to rain and i had clothes hanging to dry. end result: i'm running around like a headless chicken scrambling to get the clothes down before they get too soaked, sacrificing myself in the process.
haha, reminds me of this one scene from pride & prejudice. but in the movie, keira knightley only had to take down like, 1 sheet. rrrrrrrrr.

not doing much today... oh wait, i have some family function to attend. a house blessing, i believe and for filipinos, that means food :| we like to eat whenever there's the slightest occasion. i can look forward to some leche flan and a few extra pounds. yum.

ahhh, the rain's so nice. i'm going for a walk.

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