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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not so much work today! mr. evil FINALLY, for the first time since the beginning of the semester. hallelujah! but i took the bus home by myself today, seeing as nkechi was at football practice waiting for ysabel who was at the china meeting (haha, sounds weird). plus, after school i met up with some others and it was awkward, so it was for the best that i left. i called ysabel up to ask her if the philippine meeting already took place and she said it was today o.O
but of course, i missed it, because mr. evil talks through the whole announcements. should i go to the 2nd meeting or not? i'm thinking no, since band already takes up too much of my time.

on that note! band! sorry guys, i know i talk too much about but what can i do? music is my life. we're playing at the senior and junior home football games, so i'm pretty sure the band will get called down early, but f that. i'm walking with melissa & co. c:
anyways, i have to wear a band jacket. it looks slightly weird but at least it ain't hideous. might actually look pretty cool if i wear it right c; bring yo cam tomorrow, nkech!

haha, i decided to take down that photo on my blog - you know, the 1 with the weird expression on my face? because if anyone finds this, they'll know right away it's me. OKAY FINE i know it says my name there! but my photo. it doesn't feel safe -__-; i instead put a pretty photo of the sky we took in my backyard with nkechi's mac + effect. much better than staring at the freakyface.

i tried looking for the blonde god today (did i mention his haircolor or what), but no such luck. maybe it was a dream but then that would mean i'm a schizophrenic or something, and i'd rather accept that i just couldn't find him today. i hope he has lunch A but even if i see him, i dunno how i'll approach him. on the other hand, reet was everywhere today. i mean it. even ask nkechi if you want a testimony or something. i'd love to just shake him off or slap him in front of everyone but the last thing i need at this new school is someone who hates me.
so i'll just take it like... i dunno. a lady? or a champ, HAHAHA.

wow, these are getting so long. you don't really have to read them, it's kind of for me mostly C:

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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