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Friday, September 19, 2008

haven't written in a few days since i've been insanely busy with life and work, but mostly with work. as usual, science quiz(zies) are still going strong daily. this means regardless of how easy my other subjects maybe, i won't be taking it completely easy anytime soon.

on tuesday, i attended concert band after school - my first club activity. it was a lot of fun even though everyone was lightyears better than me. i'll try my best to catch up though. we're playing all these awesome old rock-jazz type songs and the level there is much better than in my music class. we shall be playing at the terry fox run & then at the home football game. i'm so excited! haha, ew, already turning into a band geek c:

business is monkey barrels of fun. it's so relaxed and is basically the best kind of hangout class. i'm late bunches but i'm never marked down late. our teacher gives us rewards if we don't skip class/are late for 5 days in a row. i'm afraid i'm not learning much and maybe screwed for the exam, but oh well, it's too far away to even think about. the teacher gives the funnest assignments ever - we had some collage and i just went to town with it (now! it's pretty awesome lookin'). so of course, i said yes when he asked me if i'd attend the investors of tomorrow meeting today after school.
i met a couple new people there. it was pretty laidback and i sort of felt elated? haha, but only 'cause i made some new friends, or should i say acquaintances? i don't know if i should keep attending or not but ysabel wants to go for food, so we'll see :/

this friday, there's supposed to be a chiller at nkechi's place? that'd be uber-spectacular if everyone came. it'd be funner than... a mosh pit? hahahaha, i don't know. but i'm looking forward to it.

right, this is getting a bit too long for my taste. next topic: go ask alice. once i'm done. this means, pay me and i'll do your book reports, hahaha. cause i'm a bookworm lyk dat.
on another not, i stand corrected: chris does write in his blog. my bad D:
gomen nesai.

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