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Monday, October 20, 2008

today is for a light-hearted entry! BREAK IT DOWN!
with an update c:
  • not much homework today
  • dressing up in the 1 loli dress with mah hoezz. we all know the lolita look doesn't suit me... at least, the sweet kind doesn't. but maybe kuro-loli or goth-loli would be a tad better.
  • after school everyday this week at my english group's. we need to get CRACKIN'
  • i have... 3 flute solos -__- (including one that's 18 measures long D""': it makes me dizzy and spaz out. almost fainted once)
  • they played haru haru at school today. whether you believe or not is up to you, but i'm telling you like it is dawg.
  • music class is still divine. BUT! he got a haircut. noOOooOoO. oh well. it wasn't even about the hair anyways.
  • expect a buttload of homework this week! we'll probably start delving into physics right away + macbeth essay + seminar. urrrrgghh...
  • girls at lunch have abandoned me for rock climbing (chhhh, girls. rock climbing's not worth ditching me for it :| I KEED)
  • "transformers are hella tightz!!" hahahaha, smosh C:
  • i'm NOT going to fearfest/hallowe'en haunt. EVER. so sue me c;
  • need to go shopping/searching for a hallowe'en costume (or something of the sort) this week(end).
  • hopefully, i can keep going with the nice marks i've been getting lately. science is slipping like crzy, so i'll have to be fixxing that.
  • like i said, a rollercoaster ride of a week, work-wise at least. hopefully, it won't be a rollercoaster ride emotionally. i had enough of that last week :|
that was definitely all over the place. i hope you were able to comprehend at least 1% of that!

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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