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Thursday, October 23, 2008

accidentally booked interviews with all 4 of my teachers today because of a miscommunication, but it ended up to be all good!

top of the class in 2 out of 4 subjects, baby!
haha, i'm such a little geek c8

but i do have to start practicing my flute (oh, great! as if i needed even less free time) and pulling up my science (which is gonna be a huuuuge undertaking). but i welcome challenges! well, not really, but i can't help but be optimistic right now. i feel content.

the following is just to keep myself organized.

to buy (for sure)
  1. victorian ruffled shirt
  2. striped rugby (long sleeve or short sleeve?)
  3. fitted hoodie (short sleeve?)
  4. lace socks
  5. thigh high or above the knee nylons (colorful)
  6. mask + cleanser (am & pm)
  7. old mixed print shirts (preferably from thrift store)
  8. compact mirror
  9. erin fetherston for target shirt
  10. anorak
wish to buy (someday. some of these will only be in my dreams, or to humor myself c:)
  1. tory burch flats (for school! hurrah!)
  2. striped cardigan
  3. a.p.c. dress
  4. color block jacket (american eagle)
  5. sequin dress (yves saint laurent)
  6. cute jumper (grey or tweed)
  7. black & white blouse (cynthia rowley)
  8. knit hoodie
  9. zipper dress (moschino)
  10. loose ankle boots
  11. graphic dress (marc jacobs)
  12. gladiators (off season sale? please?)
  13. cashmere scarf (gap, hahaha)
  14. navy luella sweater
  15. print tote (stephane verdino)
  16. snakeskin coin purse! (luella)
  17. canvas sneakers (peter jensen)
  18. kate spade chunky scarf - in purple!
  19. 3.1 phillip lim blouse D"':
  20. turquoise flats
and if i work hard... maybe that "(someday)" will be sometime in the near future.

what must be done
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. plan sleepover in place of awake-a-thon
  3. chapters visit!
  4. shopping for hallowe'en costume (LAST CHANCE THIS WEEKEND)
  5. mend jacket
  6. academic goals
  7. sync ipod to n.n.'s library
  8. work on the macbeth seminar

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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