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Monday, October 27, 2008

gotta keep this short since i have to work on my macbeth seminar + essay, science lab report, etc.

monday: weird eating contest at lunch! benj ate some totally weird concoction of pudding, whipped cream, gummy worms & cookies... without being able to use his hands D:
i still have to show them photos to ysabel ;D
first legal lunch with nkechi + vicky. hooray for no more rock climbing!

tuesday: i'm playing at the pep rally tomorrow in band c:
watch out for the awesome skillz mayyyn!

wednesday: presenting the macbeth seminar finally! also, it's civvies a.k.a. dress up in costume day at joe's. because they're too reet to just move on the actual damn day of hallowe'en!
explorer girl/safari comes to examine high school wildlife 8D
ysabel's gone to passchaendale

thursday: culture shock! i get to see ysabel in her oh-so-sexy chinese dress. massages, baby c;

friday: hallowe'en. can't hang out with the gang since i have same lame-o hallowe'en party to go to. but we'll plan something c; somehow...

i find it interesting how i updated less the once a week and now it's like, twice a day. that's what happens when it's spirit week! expect either:
~ lots of updates in the week to come
~ hardly any because it'll be so busy! *sweatdrop*

i'm also being super productive with my WMBD list ;D

what must be done
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. plan sleepover in place of awake-a-thon
  3. chapters visit!
  4. shopping for hallowe'en costume (LAST CHANCE THIS WEEKEND)
  5. mend jacket
  6. academic goals (i admit, this will never be finished. but for the purposes of this lists, it's certainly on it's way!)
  7. sync ipod to n.n.'s library
  8. work on the macbeth seminar (half done!)

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