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Monday, October 27, 2008

because all the cool people come at least 30 minutes late to parties, it was no coincidence that nkechi & i arrived at almost the exact same time (at jon's birthday, saturday night).
it was pretty much dead when we came but we had a little t&d game with jeatriz.
then we played signal. team jon&nkechi kept winning, but benjie & i never did! rigged, i say -__-

but then they taught me to play poker! the johns and ollie teamed up, which was oh-so-evil. everyone lost all their chips except team O-J-J and me and jeatriz. and then i won.
it was all for you, ysabel and benjie. yaaaay!
they say "beginner's luck" but meh. card games are one of the few things that come easily to me (hahaha, i know you're thinking "don't be boosting, debbie!") but this time, it was PERSONAL. hahaha ;D

anyways, it just goes to show you don't need an awesome location, drinks, drugs, etc. to have an awesome time. it was the most i've laughed and had fun in a long time. must plan more!
i just wonder if the guys talked about us after we left. what i would give to be a fly on the wall!

i promised to get my hallowe'en costume this weekend, from my "what must be done list" last thursday. my original plans were
  • shepherdess - flopped because it would've been too similar to ysabel's loli outfit
  • baseball player - couldn't find any jersey shirts or striped fitted pants :c
  • hippie - all the peasant tops at the thrift store were huuuuge. like, xxxl or something. and i couldn't go shopping for something new because boho things are super trendy right now and therefore, super expensive.
so i spent i don't know how long at the thrift store, but i found a ton of awesome stuff. designer stuff! you know it c:
thrift stores are the places to shop for the NON-rich. it takes more skill to find these things but when you do, it feels amazing since it took time & hard work. plus - designer items for dirt cheap! that feels good too, haha.
what i ended up getting not for my costume:
  • guess camisole
  • banana republic jacket
  • juicy shirt (i gave into temptation! sorry D"':)
  • american eagle
i'm dressing as an explorer. a safari girl. if you don't really get what that is, visual aid!:

weird, never seen it done before, therefore original... therefore i love it.
though mine is quite different, there are similar elements.

i swear, the models for these slutty costumes are always blonde.
this is what i ended up getting for my costume + what i already have around the house:
  • tan hugo boss dress! this is what started the whole idea for my costume. i just began building my costume around this dress.
  • light beige safari-type hat
  • black leather rosetti messenger purse
  • leather gloves
  • 3 different belts. don't know which one to use
  • binoculars
  • brown striped scarf
sorry these entries have been so long lately, but a lot has been happening and i rarely have time to update. so i have squish it into 1!

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