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Sunday, October 5, 2008

i've been super procrastinating all weekend long. i still haven't finished any of my assignments. i'm seriously dreading school now, seeing as in english class, i'm partnered up with a pair of slackers. i may be a procrastinator but i won't slack off if other people's marks are on the line.

some of my friends are all over me, saying i'm an idiot for not being happy with the mark i have in science. i feel bad since they would gladly trade with me, but what i have is so low! i'd be happy with it if i knew that's the best i can do but fr'realz... it isn't. so i'll just have to work harder, especially since i got a 29 on the lab.

i found out that none of my close friends have anything with me 2nd semester - but i guess it's my fault since i have 3 electives. mehhh. school seems so meaningless. i can't wait until all these projects are over. i'm slipping so fast! and i was thinking i'd get even better marks at joe's, but that's wrong. at hnm, everyone was so high standard that you competed but here, everyone's so low that they're pulling you down with it.
i just hope i'll be able to fight it.

anyway, for a lighter note - some eye candy.

you know you love his hair.

i've yet to find mr. right.
and i'm thinking, maybe it's because he doesn't go to my school. it makes sense, but it makes me happy and scared at the same time.

we'll see how it goes.

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