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Thursday, October 9, 2008

long in the making... part deux!

so high school is all about appearances and other such superficial things right?
ever since 5th grade, i'd thought high school was supposed to the best years of life. the funnest. but what i've been finding out so far is it isn't all it's supposed to be. so i'm thinking what if the best years of your life are actually in college/university?

hence the random photo from my favorite tv show right now, GREEK. which doesn't take place in high school surprisingly! and all my friends know i barely watch tv, or don't at all.
i completely relate with the main character rusty. he studied all through high school & now he just wants to have fun at college. that's probably gonna be me though. so i should probably start focusing on school way more, since my social life isn't going well for me just now. i mean, one day, everything's monkey barrels of fun, the next day it's dead.
(plus i'll probably look better in college cause right now, i have braces, which won't be off until grade 11 at the latest)

which reminds me... today was a crappy bad day for me. for some reason, i was so out of it today. i kept tripping over things and my shoe fell off while i was going down the stairs.
bwhaahahaha. it happens to me a lot, since they're too big, BUT STILL. it's a bad, bad sign.
sometimes i tripped over nothing. some people ignored me today TT_TT
but maybe they just didn't see me?
i'm inclined to believe the best in people i like. i do hope it's because they didn't see me though. if not... hweh.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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