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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

set sail for the seven seas! by inspiring

new set. i've been itching to do this nautica; theme for a while, so there it is.
this entry will pretty much be all over the place since my internet has been down since the weekend.

i was totally caught off guard by tomorrow's civvies but i managed to ask nin and let me borrow something. i think it'll work. it's a bit out of the ordinary, my outfit, but it's not TOO flashy. or maybe it is, compared to the whole hoodie-uggs-tna-pants thing people are going for.

did my physics test yesterday. i'm really relieved all that's over but i did so horribly on it! i didn't even finish the last 2 pages (which were legal-sized!) and i studied my head off. i didn't study at all for the chemistry test and i got hardly anything wrong.
my sci/homeroom teacher was away friday so we didn't get our mid-terms then, but on monday instead. suffice to say, i'm quite proud of myself (90.5% average) but there are still some subjects which could use some major... improving. especially science and now music, i'm sad to say.
which reminds me: all those wondering why i wanted to shop with you for a lbd (little black dress), it's for the school's fall music show at the living arts centre. i already have a black dress but it'd be nice to wear a different - which is why i'm shopping for it. besides, every girl must have at least 1 or 2 lbds.

ysabel & i were watching daft bodies yesterday and we were ridiculously giddy. she was mesmerized honestly. even when policar came over, she couldn't peel herself off the screen when she went back upstairs. it's a really amazing... ahem, song. i'd watch it 5 more times and still be interested c;

and my adventure with nin was today, which if you didn't know, was the first snowfall. it's extraordinarily late for the 1st snowfall, so i'm hoping it won't be a green christmas this winter! we were walking home & being the ice-skating lover i am, i strayed from the path and walked over to an ice bank. we tested it and it collapsed under our weight, water splashing through really fast and wetting my socks, but it wasn't too bad.
we kept walking and this time, we found an even BIGGER patch of ice. i know we got wet last time, but it was really irresistible. so nin went in it really fast, sank in water to her ankles, while laughing & screaming. in her rush to get out of the ice, she slipped and sank knees first! D:
but i helped and i was super surprised she didn't cry and/or wet herself. i can't believe she was more upset about her jacket :/

anyways, i've sleeping really late recently and this needs to be remedied. i'm also being really scatterbrained and i'm losing things all over the place. i'll probably spend most of the weekend shopping for a black dress for the concert and looking for all the stuff i've lost -__-

oh yesss, we're going to pho tomorrow c;

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