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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tonight was hnm's awards ceremony which i attended in order to receive recognition for honor roll. all the students meet up in the caf first & the parents wait in the gym. so while we were in line, waiting for the signal to walk into the gym, i got in trouble! D:
okay, so i managed to find my hnm uniform, but i left my dress shoes at joe's. i wore my green converses instead since any other "acceptable dress shoes" were like, high heels. and it was a bit chilly outside so i wore my grey cropped jacket.
anyways, ms. brothers yelled at me in front of everyone saying, "i'm not letting you on stage if you're not in uniform. that means you, in the green shoes and jacket!"
me: ?
so then a & m are like "go tell her you don't go here anymore!"
but i was a little scared! i did anyways, so she stopped ragging on me. but she was calling me a "wannabe hnm student." my face was all heating up and all i could think of was "******' **** ****." censored for your innocence, hahaha. but anyways, ms. b is a bitch & even she couldn't ruin my day. i mean, night.

i was so ecstatic to see all my friends again!
i felt so loved, hahaha. it was such pure joy, honestly. i don't say this often but when i do, i mean it: i felt like my heart would burst! there is just something special about seeing all these people you love after so long, believing you wouldn't be seeing them again.
i hugged 97% of the (former) 9th grade. i just can't believe how amazingly close i was with everyone last year. it was just so easy to get a long with (almost) everyone.
of course, i didn't get to see my friends who didn't get an award, so it wasn't totally complete, but still. even though it was only a brief hug and shock of joy/surprise, it was still pretty sweet to see everyone again.

got to see: monee, hannah, mimi, eleisha, mabel, jaime, fatima, micca, monica, natalie, joolya, nicole, diana, etc. a lot more, but liiiike... you get the point C:

you know i'm happy if i have a ton of homework & i'm feeling light headed!
anyways, i got a cert, but i didn't get a medal :""c and i didn't get any awards other than honor roll. i was sort of disappointed.
ah, well. we ate out at pho afterwards.

pink lemonade by inspiring

on another note, check out my polyvore profile. that ^ is a set. all my notes are on the set page. click it!
polyvore's quite addicting (and another unnecessary addition to "things that distract me" list), although i only have 2 sets so far. write your username on my cbox if you make one so i can add you c:
give it a try & you just might get hooked.

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