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Sunday, November 9, 2008

to members of nbk:
what happens in a three-way call stays in that call.

moving on...
i went grocery shopping today and it finally hit me that all the stores are already prepping/prepped for christmas! and playing christmas music 24/7! i felt really weird when i realized this. all i could think was, 2008's going by too fast!
i'm getting all excited now, anticipating the first (real) snowfall and just that feeling you get near christmas that you don't really experience any other time of the year. of course, with major snow means i'm gonna have to find other ways to "exercise," since i won't be able to walk home anymore.
lest they find my dead frozen body lying in the creek once the snow's all gone :/

i'm just really disappointed at how they're already starting to play christmas music when it's not until more than a month. that means when it's actually near, we'll already be sick of the music.
another upsetting fact: there definitely won't be as many snow days this year since hnm is gone. those were the best, honestly. i loved getting to stay home while all the joe hoes had to go to school xD

bah. i have so much mind-numbing crap to do today, i probably won't be able to relax. at least my essay (which i'm really supposed to be working on right now) is due tomorrow, which is a huge relief and also stress-inducing at the same time :/
what must be done (with edits)
  1. visit heartland h&m
  2. chapters visit!
  3. mend jacket
  4. do well on science unit test (a.k.a. study like a maniac)
  5. macbeth essay
  6. buy lbd (with nkechi & ysabel's advice, if possible)
  7. practice tons for violin exam
  8. memorize songs for violin exam x.x
  9. don't forget to wear poppy everyday until the 12th
  10. call jeunesse

"Away, and mock the time with fairest show:
False face must hide what the false heart doth know."

(Act I, scene vii, lines 81-82
from Macbeth by Wm. Shakespeare)

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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