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Sunday, December 14, 2008

OLD what must be done
  1. business marketing challenge report - half of a CT
  2. english short story essay - CT
  3. science ecology - CT
  4. part a: chart
  5. part b: slideshow
  6. part c: pamphlet
  7. memorize songs/scales/studies for violin exam
  8. practice songs/scales/studies for violin exam
  9. chapters visit
  10. visit heartland h&m
i said i'd be back after i'd finished 2-3 things from the list, and so i have.
a lot has happened since i put that up, and it'll take way too long to sum it all up, so i'll just answer the question most people will probably asking the next time they see me face to face anytime soon: "why is there a bandage on your head?"
answer: it was bleeding.
answer: my brother closed the trunk on my head.
also, i'm keeping it on for a loooong time since it kind of looks gross/an eyesore. and i don't want a scar on my head, so i'm gonna wait for it to completely heal.

spent all this weekend working on my CTs. i'm an idiot so i ended up paying $40+ at fedex kinko's in order to print my brochure for the science CT. and it's all messed up/unaligned. and there's grammatical errors on the cover. AND i had to design it myself -____-
today, i worked a bit more on my english CT and then attended y's recital after much wheeling & dealing. had fun, ate too much at caffe demetre. s'all good.
i ordered this heavenly crepe dessert named "a sweetcar called devine." whatever that means!
alsovmet some new acquaintances of y's who invited me to their coffeehouse party next friday where y will be singing again.
i wanna see her skillz, so i hope i'll be able to go C:

i'm also kind of surprised that i'm sort of successful on polyvore. actually got so far as 3rd place, and am pretty darn spanking proud of myself. i mean, i'm no fashion conoisseur, but i'm glad people actually like what i create. now for that blasted 16 facts that n tagged me in!

sixteen facts about debbie hernandez
  • frequently wish i was a boy
  • i don't think we can ever truly call ourselves "civilized, intelligent creatures" a.k.a. humans if music had never been discovered
  • a really fast learner with everything except math
  • wish i had more money to pursue other hobbies i think i'd really excel in (such as fencing, horseback riding & skiing)
  • i think i'm the most down-to-earth person out of all my friends
  • has really low self-esteem
  • people think i'm quiet just because i'm shy but most of it's because i don't wanna say the wrong thing or pull a wrong move
  • often feels like i don't really belong in this century/generation
  • hates elitists
  • don't wanna be living in mississauga and will move out as soon as i can
  • wish i had a gay friend (guy), not a boyfriend! c:
  • i don't know what i'll be doing after high school
  • find myself caring less and less about people, issues, and things that used to matter so much to me before
  • i have an overactive imagination
  • absolutely horrible at art and wish i was a better artist
  • i'll try not update again until i'm finished 2-3 things from the following new WMBD list:
NEW what must be done

1. english CT
  • research notes
  • bristol boards
  • oral presentation
2. science CT
  • part a: chart
3. mini christmas to-do
  • buy presents
  • wrap presents
  • make goodies for other special people ♥
  • plan what to do for friday
  • clothes shopping for holiday parties
  • operation holiday cheer: skating, gingerbread homes, carolling, music video with y, n & ?
4. memorize songs/scales/studies for violin exam
5. practice songs/scales/studies for violin exam
6. achieve vibrato
7. chapters visit
8. visit heartland h&m
this will constantly be edited. don't expect an update until after tuesday at least - unless something epic huge happens.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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