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Sunday, December 21, 2008

i'm so relieved that it's finally the holidays. this past week has just been one long day after another with no end, since i haven't been sleeping until after 2:30 AM. for every night. it's a bit crazy for someone who's used to sleeping before midnight at least :|
also, it's been an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. but i'm really happy since i got close to all these different people. it made me know them a little better and although it's kind of late in the semester, it's better than never right? it's never worse to have more people with you, on your side.
at last, it's a right step in a better direction. hopefully, it'll make a difference in the grand scheme of 2009.

on the other hand, i'm really growing distant from the old crew, especially since i've realized they aren't that perfect. everyone has issues and we don't really click, but that's just fine with me. i'll simply have to find new people starting next semester. hopefully, it won't be too hard.

so this time around i'll be devoting myself to 3 things: friends, family & violin (not necessarily in that order though). i'll also try to catch up with my sleep and be productive! i know that once it's time to go back to school that week we come back will be super jam packed seeing as how i didn't bring anything home for the holidays. i have 3 CTs due the week i come back, but we'll deal with that when the time comes. meanwhile, i wholeheartedly, 150% deserve this break.

i haven't had too much of the holiday plans mapped out but i know for sure that a lot of it will have to be dedicated to music (memorization, practicing & such). on monday though, i'll be going to ryerson with mon oncle and possibly nkechi. so we're gonna go eaton centre hopping, and afterwards, ice skating at nathan phillips square. WEWT C:
weather permitting obviously.
i wonder how much money i should bring?

oh fiddlesticks. it's snowing again. or perhaps blizzarding would be a more appropriate word.

well, i don't have too much to say since i've started writing in my real journal again. it's great therapy c:
and for agents participating in operation: holiday cheer, we need to get together and actually do the mission before the deadline, which is 12/25/08. three way conference soontimes!
oh yeah, i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me their presents already. you really didn't need to get me anything, the fact that you're my friend is enough for me. nevertheless, thank you. i love you c:
some people still have to come and pick theirs up, do it soon before christmas rolls around!

wow, it stopped snowing. guess it'll be on & off today!

what must be done

1. english CT
  • research notes
  • bristol boards
  • oral presentation
2. science CT
  • part a: chart
3. mini christmas to-do
  • buy presents
  • wrap presents
  • make goodies for other special people ♥
  • plan what to do for friday
  • clothes shopping for christmas parties
  • operation holiday cheer: skating, gingerbread homes, carolling, music video with y, n & ?
4. memorize songs/scales/studies for violin exam
5. practice songs/scales/studies for violin exam
6. achieve vibrato
7. chapters visit
8. visit heartland h&m
9. monday, dec. 22
  • ryerson univ.
  • eaton centre hopping
  • nathan phillips square skating

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