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farewell 2008
Monday, January 12, 2009

violin. iceland. coffee house. wonderland. summer. lolita. the dark knight. summer school. missing buses. gloomy bear cupcakes. crepes. yellow school bus bags. stephenie meyer's book signing. HNM(!). long coats. cellphones. willow trees. marcellinus. half lockers. snowglobes. downtown toronto. joe's. hallowe'en 07/08. bubble tea. masquerade ball. walking to starbucks. partying. rip n's mac. cne. wet socks. high school dance. pizza. usb keys. blizzards. 8 snow days. pacman. walking in the rain with your bffs. christian angelo. sjbb boys. losing/finding iPod, cell, ds. rock band. safari girl. pirate. arashi. skiing. hellogoodbye. co-ed. essays. all-girls'. aching arms/legs. barack obama. culture shock. vampire weekend. pudding contest. ryerson university. marching band. string ensemble. ff's first store. greek. zebras. electric guitars. gonzaga. late friends. detentions. flute. the beatles. nautical. pho. pep rally. brokeback mountain. eaton centre. high standards. civvies. christmas parties. gaspard ulliel. little night music. wii. i kissed a girl. love is the movement. failed band planning. baby, it's fact. urbandictionary. dreams realized. CHANGE.

i probably forgot some super important ones, but i'm growing old, alright?! and i know some of these are technically from 2007, but they're part of the 08 school year, so don't be jumping down my throat.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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