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Thursday, January 15, 2009

finally started using my last.fm account yesterday! kind of late, i know, since i joined ages ago, but at least i'm using it now c:
add me, my name is modasaur! maybe you'll recommend me some new music, and i'd be quite grateful for that. i'm not necessarily dying for some new material, but it always helps!

on another note, i've gone & gotten myself a weheartit account (since ffffound is exclusive). it's for visual bookmarking and i haven't started yet, since i have a CT essay pending. but it looks really neat, and cute... so, errrm, join if you haven't. add me if you get/have an account, my username/"heart" (as they call it) is debbie. hahaha, i love that no one has taken it yet, i was ridiculously surprised.

okay, insanely boring education spiel up ahead, here goes -

on to what's dominating everyone's minds right now - or at least mine: course selection, a.k.a. your future.
i honestly have no idea exactly what i want to be. i know of some careers that i might be interested in/leaning towards, but nothing that i actually have my heart set on. therefore, i haven't the faintest on what i should take; all i know is that there's some i definitely don't want to sit through everyday for a semester (i.e. accounting, anything to do with computers, etc.).

so course selection was due today and i had nothing on the sheet except for my mandatories, being:
  1. french
  2. english
  3. religion
  4. math
(all above are U, unless there wasn't one offered at all).
i ended choosing my courses half asleep this morning and discussing them with my mother for about 5 minutes and after which time, she had to commute. there wasn't really enough time to choose anything really. my councilor, after hearing that i'd no idea what my future career would be, said i should keep my doors open by choosing 2-3 sciences and math U. if you don't know me well enough, math is the subject i am most horrid at and i despise most.
math & i have a hate/hate relationship, although i managed to scrape by last year in the high-70s by cramming everything from september in 3 days.

i was discussing what i could possibly be with my parents, and they suggested becoming a diplomat/ambassador after hearing what i'm interested in/enjoy doing:
  • debating
  • politics, to some extent
  • history
  • writing/reading
  • traveling
  • languages
i actually wouldn't mind becoming a diplomat/ambassador! i guess there's some risks if i'm chosen to be a liaison between 2 countries that hate each other, but then no country really hates canada that much. so i circled some courses, but not all 8, and handed it in to skrak, who didn't count how many i chose (luckily).
then i had an appointment with the councilor and told her how i was interested in this and she asked what i chose on the form, which was
  1. law
  2. psychology/anthro/sociology
  3. instrumental music
  4. presentation & speaking
it turns out that i couldn't have chosen better courses for this future career path. not too sure if i wanna become an ambassador/diplomat though since it takes years and years to get to being an ambassador and in the meantime, you have to work in a low position. i guess i'll have to get a 2nd job, like a lawyer or something, since most high-ranking government people take law.
i might take bachelor of arts degree and then go to law school... or something.

i'd like to go to university abroad, but that's not happening unless we come into a boatload of money or i get a scholarship. it's always been my dream to go to oxford, but there's always also
  • utm/u of t
  • harvard, yale, dartmouth, princeton - the ivy league (hahahaha, NOT HAPPENING)
  • u of ottawa
if i started music earlier, i definitely want to pursue that despite the fact that i'd be a starving artist, or whatever. as long as i love what i do and am passionate about it, it would really be enough. i don't care if doesn't pay well or pay at all. then i'd want to go to JUILLARD (my dream ♥) or utm/u of t's music college, or london's royal academy of music.

i'll have it figured out by end of 2nd semester this year, hopefully. in the meantime, i've seriously got to study for exams. and the violin exam, or that'll be $200 down the drain.

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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