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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i finished reading battle royale, all 620-something pages of it! wow, it really something else, that's for sure. kinda lame, but i was in a spot of trouble for my science exam because of it... it's probably the most unputdownable thing i've ever read next to like harry potter.
best book i've read this year! okay.. i know that's not exactly saying much since it january - but still!

i don't think i've ever read anything this pulpy, or well, anything pulpy at all and the ending was kind of predictable. but maybe that's 'cause i accidentally *cough* read some revealing details.
well, i won't spoil it for you in case you wanna take it on.
has anyone watched the movie? because i'd really like to see it, but knowing what happens, i'm scared i won't be able to stand it.

now that the science exam is over, i'm not studying for any of my other ones. they should be easy enough and if not, oh well. i really need to focus on violin or else it would be $300+ down the drain. and then i'd have to take it again, and that would be another $300 out the window.
henceforth, life will only consist of:
  • violin
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • piddly diddly department
  • reading (occasionally)
  • taking exams
i believe i've covered everything (and that's also why i've shamelessly deleted my facebook. sorry 'bout that). so basically, i am putting my self on
love lockdown. hahaha, je suis desolée, i couldn't resist c:

see y'all when this mess is over & i get my life back.

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