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Monday, February 2, 2009

after a somewhat eye-opening heart-to-heart with - ahem - (we'll just call him) S, i've more unsure than ever before about my courses. i mean all this time, i haven't been really taking any courses i'm absolutely passionate about. well, except music but i took it for the credit and not just to enjoy.

now i really want to take law, music and psych/anthro/socio but i know they're not exactly needed as prerequisites for any grade 12 courses, but i still want to take them because i know i'd be really into it, enjoy and possibly do well at it.

after that talk with S though, i'm not so sure. i mean, do i really have to take music? i'd love to, but i'm not fooling anyone if i say i'll become a musician when i'm older. it's just... not in the cards for me at all. i love it more than anything in the world but sometimes love can't conquer all. sorry to depress you, but i'm a realist and not an idealist in that respect.
so perhaps i should just take 2 or 3 sciences? in order to open more doors i suppose, but the problem is science was my weakest subject from semester 1. it wasn't even close to any of my other marks (as proven from what i found today). also, if i decide to pursue a career in sciences, it won't be an easy road since neither science nor math (ugh!!) come naturally to me.

anyway, enough about that.
a lot of other things have happened these past few days... well, weeks, i guess i should say. i had my violin exam and other exams but i guess a run through of those is unnecessary.
all i can say i my heart aches for my old classes, and the people in them - some make me bleed for them but what can i/we do? the world has to move forward whether you want it to or not.
hopefully, i can change something about my 2nd semester classes though but i haven't come up with an excuse yet.
french is so nasty, all we play are likkle games that are so childish and MAN, makes me miss hnm's rigorousness just a bit, but mostly mr. m who was the best motorcycling, slavedriving badass of a senior citizen/french teacher there ever was. and also the awesomest!

tomorrow - 1st day of band after more than a month, hope they are there!
wednesday - n: do not forget our plans, pack yourself some cash just in case, IOU money too. please remind me D:

i will be quite restless until i find out my violin marks which might not come until a month from last tuesday. i'll be bald or stress will kill me before that happens. ALSO - semester 1 marks! where are they? it almost makes me regret not attending review day. almost.
bahahahah sorry for the nonsensical over the placeness and academic theme of this entry. it was more for me than you, but if you read it... you are a (storm)trooper C:

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