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Friday, June 19, 2009

i know i'm supposed to be way more pumped up for the summer holidays, but i'm just not. i mean, the main 2 things i really hated about school were: 1) waking up early and 2)homework/due dates/projects. everything else, i have no problem with.
i should have my resumé prepared for applying to summer jobs & volunteering but i expected something more exciting and solid for the summer, my summer of 16. i was hoping to that working at québec oppurtunity, but i'm born a few months too late, which is utterly idiotic.

this is so irritating too since i had a whole bunch of things planned for a certain event that i've been looking forward to since... i dunno, lent. and now it's being ruined by a whole bunch of factors i totally did not count on. now i'm only, really, half-heartedly going. i mean, i have to do a whole list of work in preparation for it and why would anyone want to do that for something they arne't even really looking forward to? for someone else, that's who. i guess i'll try my best to make the most of it, but it honestly wasn't what i was expecting.
and that's sort of a damper start to summer vacation, right?

well yesterday, i had a hunger attack? mehehehe. i hadn't eat for almost 20 hours (which i suppose most of you are used to? but i'm not), so then i started heating up and the ground was spinning. i do not know how i managed to keep talking to who was asking me questions but there you go. McD's saved the day but first, i drank about a gallon of iced tea :|
just goes to show.. don't forget to eat during the day!

oh and i'm possibly going back to school for exam review day (tuesday), for sure i'm playing at the graduation ceremonies (wednesday) and then yearbook/reports (friday). so there's still a lot of school stuff next week, and then it's really over after that. but NO WORK. i guess i'm grateful.

that was boring, but here's some random polyvore sets for your viewing:
would you wear this?
would you wear this? by nazihah♥ featuring Miss Selfridge bags
Untitled by Notte Stellata featuring Jimmy Choo shoes
simple~ by prettyflower on Polyvore.com
meh. by kelspo on Polyvore.com
You Play the Victim and I'll be the Bad Guy
You Play the Victim and I'll be the Bad Guy by chick-a-dee featuring 1928 jewelry
so where can we go?
so where can we go? by nookie featuring Balenciaga clutches
delicate by catalinapaz featuring A.P.C. shorts

as you can see, i've been on a neutral trip for quite a while now. even through summer though i know neutrals were in for spring. i guess i'll just add random pops of color. mrrrggghh

debbie hernandez, 16.
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