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Thursday, June 25, 2009

i've started off the summer holidays with a whole bunch of totally unexpected but successful plans. it's been a busy last couple of days. there's a lot of inane details, so just skip the whole thing if you'd like C:
also, some of the best fb photos for your viewing

saturday night - slumber party at nkechi's "pad" (bahahahah). we started off with making our own sims 3 family, with ysabel's sim not look at all like her but instead, a white middle-aged redheaded woman. i miss the Gandhi family! then we opened up some monster energy drinks that really weren't my cup of tea, but they immediately took effect on jea. we also had an impromptu trip to walmart, but decided not to get a movie since talking is infinitely better. we baked our usual award-winning, moist and fluffy cupcakes, slathered our face with mud masks while we waited for the cupcakes to cool. everyone's cracked but mine but it took forever and a half to dry. we iced the cupcakes, talked and fell asleep at 6 in the morning (woo for all nighters!). i'm pretty sure somethings happened in between, but what happens at the slumber party stays in the slumber party! can't wait to have another one (maybe) in juillet, this time with meemz.

sunday afternoon - had a little birthday celebration with relatives to combine father's day and my dad's birthday which would be the next day. it was super calm & laidback compared to yesterday's (or should i say that morning's?) excitement and sleep deprivation. i was plum tuckered out and it was good rest

monday noon to evening - this day was amaaazing! so we finally set out after a whole bunch of mishaps (including me waking up at 11 pm when we were supposed to leave at 11:30 pm). we ended up on the wrong side of the lake but eventually we got there. we had a cute likkle reunion with reniecer, meemz and nat and were introduced to m. then went back to change into our swimsuits. the water was "sofa-king" cold and there were nasty brown tadpoles everywhere but gradually i got over my fear after i got splashed by meemz 6 more times. later on, i & a arrived and we had a little cheery reunion with them too. we took out some tubes and missioned to share one with meemz. we finally succeeded but her legs had to be around me instead of being back to back. got hungry after so we went to the refreshments area, ate my cheddar/herb bagel, drank "slush puppies" and just generally chatted about misc things. then we rented out a paddleboat for 4 but sucked at moving around either cause we were tired or just lazy asses. but it really was beautiful out there in the middle of the lake with the breeze blowing. i changed back, ventured into the now cold-ish lake since the sun was now half-dipped into the horizon. finally we left at 7 pm, tired and content.

tuesday afternoon - i didn't really want to attend exam review day but decided to anyways since we were having a celebration for jazmine's birthday. after another crop of confusions (yes, i like my alliterations, leave me alone), we set off for streetsville, went to murphy's ice cream parlour where i ordered their version of pistachio almond from baskin robbins, but theirs was "pistachio almond crunch" and it didn't taste as good as br31's. visited swirls cupcakery which is the best smelling place in el mundo, hands down! i ran back to get some frozen hot chocolate from second cup and then jazman (haha, sorry! i couldn't resist) wanted us to walk the streetsville rivergrove trail. by this time it was burning hot and we were so sweaty and sticky and ick but whatever, it was her birthday right? i won't even go into how messed up that was, just that it involved people swimming in the river and me almost falling into it like the klutz i am.

i'll go into the grade 12's convocation ceremony from last night later. maybe not. all i know is this is already way too long!

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