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Friday, October 9, 2009

this will just be all over the place:

junior started off awfully slow but now it's super busy, and in a bad way. several tests, seminars, presentations, rehearsals, projects, performances, and heaps of homework. probably a lot more i can't think of right now.
i contemplated on abandoning or simply deleting this blog but i can't and i can't even think of a reason why not to. i don't even update anymore. before, it was because nothing significant or worth writing about happened but now everything's one after another.
it's just been extremely busy.

everyone's transferred to tumblr now, according to nkechi. i've had a tumblr since september 2009, but i just use an rss feed to update it with my top 5 listened to artists on last.fm. i've deleted it though, since i do like blogger more :D

in recent news, i've been made editor-in-chief of the mirror, our school newspaper since last wednesday (!!!!)
and that is our advanced issue that mr. ulliel is wearing as hat C:

it'll definitely be a lot of work and i've already started to get swamped but this will look amazing for resumés and portfolios for the rest of my life. and especially for applying to journalism at ryerson or any arts at any other university.
we need some articles so if anyone's interested, contact me (via email, cbox, facebook, twitter). we're looking for media, fashion, special interest and sports articles.

i've also applied for an executive position on FBLA (future business leaders of america/assoc.) and i hope i get in but i don't know. and there's a $200 conference, but money's tight these days.
there's also the music trip to new york where about 20-something people are urging me to go to. i missed out on a lot when they went to orlando. NYC will definitely be way less since it'll be by bus but still...

i think i'll let go of this blog when i've found something else to rely on. lately, i've been thinking of writing in a journal except in freeverse. it's strange, certainly, but i've been thinking in my head in rhymes/blank verse lately. i never seem to have something to write it down with/on, though.
so maybe i'll start and if that takes off - sayonara.

p.s. going to visit relatives in the States until monday. happy thanksgiving!
p.p.s. visit my heart on weheartit.com ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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