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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this is addressed to
  1. no one in particular
  2. specific people in mind

dear peers -

you like to think you're deep but you're not. you really are not.
you make fun and scorn people who don't do "crazy" "wild" things and don't "let loose" but maybe that stuff is easy. it's going against it - that's much harder.

you like to think you're accepting of everyone, even if they're not a virgin anymore, do drugs, or have a zillion piercings on their face. but did you ever stop to think you actually don't accept people who don't do these things?

you despair about being made fun of, not getting the stuff someone else does, being misunderstood and being excluded but you do these things too.
you think you're original, totally creative and people like you for this when really, you're in with them because you do the exact same things they do and fit in their mold.

ditching people at the drop of a hat 'cause they aren't as high up the social ladder as you'd like just shows how much you fit the high school stereotype and how uncreative and unoriginal you are.
dating someone SOLELY because they're hot, rich or the only one you can get is really funny in my opinion. can't even have a conversation with them? you have more fun with an uglier, poorer kid? screw, let's just date the stupid one. s/he'll get me places anyway.

you're racist. you probably know it.
you do crazy shit and make problems for yourself because you're life's boring. nothing would happen otherwise. and then you moan/groan when you get to school about hungover/stoned you are or some other scandalous problem that was probably 400% your fault.

you have more in common with that geeky guy standing next to you and you know you'd have an awesome time talking but you ditch him anyway for some tall handsome dude who you desperately need to think of stuff to talk about with when you're with him.

you are way to self-absorbed. you complain and cry about your friends but it's all your fault. your problems are your fault, not theirs. you expect them not to have a life just for you? join in your outings and keep up with your plans even if you know they can't? make them feel like shit for bailing on you when it's all your fault.
it really is.

you drag your friends down with you.

you make fun of yourself and expect your friends to be honest. when they are, you smile and say thanks for being honest. but deep down inside you hate them for telling you the negative truth.

you are so, so superficial. you either buy something only cause everyone else (who matters) has it ... no one else does and when someone buys something similar to yours, you freak out and claim it as your own. people are free to buy what they want. you didn't invent the fucking product.

there are so many people out there who have a ton of potential to be at the top of the school. they don't know or maybe they do. but the reasons they aren't at the top make them better people.
you'll be burnt out in a couple years. trust me.

very sincerely,

p.s. early merry christmas

debbie hernandez, 16.
i live/breathe/love music.

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